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Lol still going...

2017-05-21 16:28:06 by SwaggyPig007

Damn im probably only half way through my remix. I WILL finish it though. 


I sort of postponed my Back on Track remix, because....

I am making a MDK - Fingerbang remix, which is coming along soooo well. I don't know when I will finish it, but every free second at school i'm woring on it. Maybe i'll upload a preview.

New songs again!

2017-04-20 16:36:54 by SwaggyPig007

Going to upload maybe 3 more songs, plus a slightly updated Comet Punch. Stay tuned!

PS. Still working on my Back On Track remix - comment below any names to call it - I was thinking Forever On Track or something.

Maybe by the end of the month i'll upload one or two more songs; one I am just converting to an mp3 format as A) The app I use only supports .wav and .m4a files to export, and B) Newgrounds still only freakin supports .mp3 (My guess is that this is to do with the special player with all those trippy colours). Sad times.

Also, when I have uploaded more songs I will sort them into albums, or more simply a playlist with a name as at the time of their release they were not part of albums. I currently have 3 in mind. As for remixes, I have no idea what to do with those. Maybe make an album/playlist of GD remixes, as that's all I have done and probably the only remixes I will do for a while.

As for releases I am hyped about: Theory of Everything 3 is amazing.

As for my own future releases you can be hyped about: Expect a Back on Track remix!

FINALLY finished new song!

2017-04-10 15:08:53 by SwaggyPig007

Check that Brand Spankin' New Audio section asap! Rate, Review and maybe Download, it helps me learn. 

I loved making this Deadlocked remix, and I hope other people enjoy it, too. Including F-777. Deadlocked was a great song to begin with. It gives me chills even now, but here is a version without all the crazy dubstep effects.

Enjoy! :)

Nearly there!

2017-04-10 08:04:51 by SwaggyPig007

Nearly finished my new Deadlocked remix - I'll call it Dreadlocked. Just cuz. 

Regardless, it does sounds pretty guuud so check that Brand Spankin' New audio section very soon. 

As always, enjoy!

Decent song in development!

2017-04-06 14:14:55 by SwaggyPig007

So I was fiddling around with that Deadlocked remix I made and I have nearly finished an improved and modified version of it. I will upload it as a new song, so I will keep the old one to show you guys the difference. Bassically, I just did a major overhaul of the bassline, and changed some of the leads. 

AND for those who have the time and patience:

DO NOT forget to make a GD level with it XD (Seriously though I would like to see a decent level made with this. And with my other remixes but this gains top priority. Before I actually release it, you can use my other Deadlocked remix - the one I have already uploaded as they follow the pretty much exact same structure. Then you can change it when I release the new and improved song. Be READY!

Keep going!

2017-04-01 07:13:12 by SwaggyPig007

I have been having someone review all my tracks really badly, seemingly just to annoy me as he is not telling me how to improve or get better, so his reviews are just a waste of memory. Regardless, I do appreciate HONEST reviews and not people who "act like a total jerk" like it says where you post reviews. What i'd really like is some people to review who are actually proffesional or highly skilled in audio making, and not just 10 year olds. 

All the same, enjoy as always!

It's out!

2017-03-21 11:22:51 by SwaggyPig007

My Deadlocked remix is out!

Out of nowhere

2017-03-21 08:34:43 by SwaggyPig007

Now, a very long time ago, I once started work on a Deadlocked remix. Things were going well, until the note patterns did not seem to fit. 

A long time passed, but I have now found out the structure of the song - the entire song is in triplets. 

Recently, I have started mass development on recreating my remix, and now the only things left are the finishing touches (and transferring it to my laptop)

Check that brand spankin' new audio section very soon! 

(The song slowed my iPad Mini 3 to a crawl)