A couple more stuff to look out for...

2017-04-14 05:44:37 by SwaggyPig007

Maybe by the end of the month i'll upload one or two more songs; one I am just converting to an mp3 format as A) The app I use only supports .wav and .m4a files to export, and B) Newgrounds still only freakin supports .mp3 (My guess is that this is to do with the special player with all those trippy colours). Sad times.

Also, when I have uploaded more songs I will sort them into albums, or more simply a playlist with a name as at the time of their release they were not part of albums. I currently have 3 in mind. As for remixes, I have no idea what to do with those. Maybe make an album/playlist of GD remixes, as that's all I have done and probably the only remixes I will do for a while.

As for releases I am hyped about: Theory of Everything 3 is amazing.

As for my own future releases you can be hyped about: Expect a Back on Track remix!


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