lmao really

2017-09-09 11:30:48 by SwaggyPig007

Lol im still getting followers, WHY just go follow my new one www.infernado.newgrounds.com

To all followers:

2017-09-06 11:48:34 by SwaggyPig007

It would be nice of you to follow my new account instead: www.infernado.newgrounds.com :)

New account?

2017-08-16 10:43:55 by SwaggyPig007

Just considering whether or not I should make a new account. I want to distance myself a bit with new software, new username and new songs. I may still upload on this one with Auxy stuff, but I plan to do much much more. 


Big plans.

2017-08-10 07:37:30 by SwaggyPig007

Ok, so. I decided it's about time to dive into more professional audio making, therefore in the near future I plan to buy a version of FL Studio. Plus, after i have learned from that, I will install Serum, followed by Serum presets such as Limitless by MDK. It's a big step forward, but I think it is the right direction. Therefore it is unlikely I will be on Newgrounds for a while, but I will be back. I will upload one last song before I change course. I am heavily inspired by MDK and his works, I I think a career in music will be a good idea. So long :)